The Top 5 common travel problems and their solutions

The experience of traveling should be enjoyable, effortless, and hassle-free. However, there will undoubtedly be problems when traveling. Despite our best efforts, problems still occur when we travel and it does not always go as smoothly as we had hoped.

However, for some people it is really unfortunate that they already experienced it, or who knows, you may experience it in the future.

Travel problems and their solutions

But don’t let problems destroy your trip! Here are a few best tips to help you with some typical travel problems.

  1. When you Lost your Luggage
Lost Luggage

Luggage loss can be a big problem, especially if you were just about to arrive at your destination. The fact that you arrived at your destination without your luggage is a really horrible feeling.

Your trip can be ruined if you lose your belongings! Thus always pack your most important items in your carry-on. At least you will have what you need in case your checked luggage is lost.

I remember my journey to Coorg, India where I had booked a resort in Coorg and the hotel staff had informed me to keep my most important items separate from my luggage. So I prepared an additional bag for that where I kept my important documents and precious items.

Ensure that all of your suitcases have name tags with your contact information on them so that if your luggage is lost, they will know who it belongs to.

If you are alone, do not trust strangers with your luggage, for example, if you are going to the washroom and you don’t want to carry it.

Lastly, if you are checking an extremely valuable bag you might want to consider purchasing additional baggage insurance so that even if it gets lost at least your items are covered.

2. Flight delays and cancellations

flight delay
flight delay

According to my experience, this quite happens on budget airlines and some promotional fares. I do not know if this occurs with premium fares as well (If you have experienced it, please comment below).

We all like to stick to a schedule when we fly. The delay of your flight can leave you stranded in the airport or cause you to miss your connection.

Not to mention when those delayed flights become canceled! Keep in touch with your airline the day before and the day of your flight.

The status of your flight can be viewed online or through a mobile app so you’ll know if your itinerary has changed right away. By choosing the right kind of ticket, you can often avoid delays and cancellations.

Flights departing earlier avoid the effect of other delayed flights. You will also be less likely to get stuck in an airport if you book nonstop flights.

3. Being Sick on Your Trip

sick on trip
sick on trip

Being sick is never fun, but when you’re sick, it’s even worse. So getting sick on your trip is terrible. It’s never fun when it happens while traveling, and it’s even worse when it does.

When you’re traveling, you can’t exactly curl up in your own bed and see your doctor. Make sure that you take precautions before leaving by taking extra vitamin C, washing your hands, and avoiding germs.

At my Coorg Homestay, the doctors were just a call away for the guests. Fortunately, I didn’t face any illness as such.

However, I would recommend that if you also plan to book a resort to any of your desired locations, make sure to inquire about the availability of medical treatment and facilities in and outside the resort, hotel, or homestay.

Be sure to pack a small kit that contains basic medications for colds, pain relief, stomach, and any prescription medications you take.

Visit the International Society of Travel Medicine’s website for a list of doctors in different countries and cities if you need medical attention during your trip.

4. Current weather conditions

weather conditions

You cannot control the weather on your trip. Traveling in bad weather isn’t ideal. You shouldn’t let it ruin your trip. Be sure to check the forecast before leaving so that you can pack accordingly.

I have a weather app on my phone, so I can be updated with accurate information. Have a backup plan in case you are unable to participate in your original plans due to bad weather.

While traveling to Coorg in India, I had to face the issue of bad weather conditions, so I was not aware at that time. Now I always keep it on my phone wherever I go.

It’s better to know the weather in advance than to be disappointed when you have no backup plans. Include an umbrella or a sweater in your luggage if you think it will rain where you are traveling.

5. Passport or wallet lost

passport lost
passport lost

Losing your passport or wallet while traveling would probably be the worst thing that could happen to you. It can leave you stranded in foreign countries without identification or money.

Make sure to contact the local embassy or consulate if you lose your passport. Keep a copy of your passport and identification with you at all times.

As a backup while traveling, use photocopies instead of the originals when you’re out and about and need to show a copy. You won’t have to worry about them falling out of your bag, getting stolen, or getting misplaced!

You should also leave your passport at the hotel if you are going to an unsecured, crowded, or rowdy area and just bring a photocopy of it with you. In my case during my Coorg journey, I left the originals in the hotel room only.

If your wallet is lost, contact your bank to cancel your credit or debit cards and find out how to get cash if needed.

Keep some money separate from your wallet as a backup. Place some money under the pillows on your hotel bed so that if you ever lose your wallet, you will still have some money.

Don’t let problems or mishaps ruin your travel experience.

If something goes wrong, just take a deep breath and remember that your worst day on vacation is better than anywhere else!

Do you have any other travel problems like these?

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